Although Turkey is situated in a geographical location where climatic conditions are quite temperate, there are significant differences in climatic conditions from one region to the other. While the coastal regions enjoy milder climates, the inland Anatolia plateau experiences a dryer climate with hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfa ll.

In Istanbul and around the sea of Marmara (Marmara region) the climate is moderate (winter 5°C and summer 25°C); in winter the temperature can drop below zero. In Western Anatolia (Aegean region) there is a mild, pleasant Mediterranean influenced climate with average temperatures of 9°C in winter and 29°C in summer. On the southern coast of Anatolia (Mediterranean region) the same climate can be found. The climate of the Anatolian Plateau (Central Anatolian region) is a steppe climate, with a great temperature difference between day and night. Rainfall is low and there is more snow in the winter. The average temperature is about 23°C in summer and -2°C in winter.

The climate in the Black Sea region is wet, warm and humid, with summer temperatures about 23°C, 7°C in the winter. In Eastern Anatolia and South-Eastern Anatolia there is a long hard winter, where snow lies on the ground from November until the end of April. The average temperature in winter is -13°C and in summer 17°C.

Required clothing:
Lightweight cottons and linens during summer months; warmer medium-weights and rainwear during the winter. Winter Clothing is nessecary in The Mountain regions and the Central and eastern part of Turkey during the Winter Season. Whenever and wherever you go, take a sweater for cool evenings.

Koeppen-Geiger classification:
The Climate of the Turkey is divided in three different climate zones. the oastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea have a Csa Climate, a warm temperated mediterranean climate with dry, warm summers and moderate, wet winters with the warmest month above 22°C over average; The mountainous regions of Anatolia have an Dsa Climate, a Snow Climate with a dry summer and the warmest month above 22°C and the coldest month below -3°C. The Climate of the central anatolian plateau can be classified as BSk Climate, a cold, dry Climate with a dry summer and annual average Temperatures under 18°C.