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Sumário da Europa - 25/04/2017
Warm & dry south-east
Chilly & showery north

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 25th April 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Unsettled central Europe

An extensive frontal system stretches from west to east across central Europe, separating warm and sunny weather in the Mediterranean from cold and wintry conditions across northern Europe. Portugal and southern Spain will be dry, with highs of 24C. Showers will break out increasingly for eastern Spain. A zone of wet weather over southern France expands through the day into a broad swathe of heavy rain, or snow for the western Alps. Brighter for northern France. Rain on and off for Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Heavy showers spreading from the North Sea into the Low Countries and Denmark, possible hail and thunder. Showery for Sweden and the Baltic as low pressure resides over southern Scandinavia, whilst much of Norway and far north will be sunny, but cold. Meanwhile, high pressure centred around the Black Sea brings dry and warm weather to south-eastern Europe, including Greece and much of Italy, temperatures around 20C.

Chilly conditions will affect northern & central Europe during midweek, whilst the Mediterranean and south-eastern countries will be very warm. A few showers for northern Spain, but southern Spain and Portugal will be dry, sunny and warm. Fair weather for southern Italy, Greece and areas toward the Black Sea, highs 23C. Heavy rain and mountain snow affects Alpine regions, including northern Italy. A zone of rain extends across the Czech Republic, southern Poland and Belarus. Cool and showery for France, the Low Countries and northern Germany - possible hail and thunder, but also sunny spells. Low pressure over Finland brings strong winds and snow, whilst much of Sweden will be dry. Scattered wintry showers for Norway, most frequent around northern coasts.

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